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OES Provides Fulfillment And Distribution Solution For Leading Global Telecom Company

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The Challenge

A leading global telecom company sought a cost-effective outsourcing solution to replace the fulfillment services performed within their distribution centers (DC). The DCs were responsible for picking and building orders to be delivered to service garages throughout the United States.

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The Solution

OES received daily orders from the client, picked and built pallets and trucks to order, and shipped to the client's DCs. Custom labeling and garage truck route load-building allowed the centers to cross-dock pallets, which were then sent directly to service garages.

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The Impact

By partnering with OES, the telecom company was able to meet their goal of reducing their labor costs while maintaining shipment visibility and an integrated supply chain. Since its inception, OES has shipped over 3 million units and has fulfilled more than 35,000 garage orders.