Spending Less, Saving More

OES Aftermarket Solution Drives Increased Revenue And Operating Margin For Leading Global Telecom Company

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The Challenge

A leading global telecom company wanted to implement a cost-effective aftermarket program to increase the revenue and margin generated by each piece of Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) and reduce investment in new CPE purchases.

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The Solution

OES implemented a triage, testing, repair, and refurbishment solution in which the CPE was sent to OES facilities to be tested, updated with the newest software, refurbished, and kitted according to client specifications. OES also managed RMA processing with unit OEMs, harvested parts, and managed the recycling process for irreparable or out-of-warranty units. Serial-level tracking and customized reporting provided the client with a full view of the life cycle of each unit as it passed through the OES aftermarket process.

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The Impact

OES has processed over 38 million units with a 94% yield back into the client supply chain. Since inception, this has resulted in an estimated $400,000,000 in savings. OES's parts harvesting services have provided an additional $70,000,000 in savings in raw materials. This aftermarket solution resulted in faster turnaround times and cost reductions in service, transportation, and labor for the client.