Better Than Brand New

OES Provides Nearshore Parts Harvesting And Refurbishment Solution For Global Communications Engineering Company

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The Challenge

A global engineering company sought to improve cost savings in raw materials used in their repair operations for multiple global telecoms. Due to the high cost and labor intensity of a domestic process, the client aimed to attain maximum cost savings in domestic harvesting and refurbishment of raw materials.

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The Solution

The global engineering company chose OES to provide triage, harvesting, and refurbishment services of parts for use in their national telecom repair operations. OES currently serves and supplies refurbished parts to 15 repair locations throughout the United States.

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The Impact

In one year, partnering with OES provided the engineering company with an estimated $4,500,000 in savings in raw materials purchasing alone. Moving forward, this solution is projected to save the client over $9,000,000 annually.